Fuel Tracking system  is designed for precision fuel level analysis in all kinds of vehicle tanks, also in tanks of fixed connections. Our Vehicle Tracking system can be used as a part of a fuel Tracking system or to interchange the standard fuel meter of a vehicle in order to detect and prevent fuel theft.
Fuel tracking can boost vehicle fuel productivity by distinguishing where in your vehicle there is room for development. Formerly you understand where fuel is slipping through the rifts, you can take actions to overcome your fuel expenses.


Selected GPS devices has multiple interfaces like one or more Analog, Digital IN, Digital OUT, Serial (RS 232C, RS 485) interfaces. Via these interfaces its possible to connect

  1. Fuel Sensors,
  2. Temperature Sensors,
  3. Door Sensors,
  4. LED light on/off,
  5. Air Conditioner ON/OFF tracking,
  6. secondary engine utilization tracking,
  7. In Vehicle Camera,
  8. RFID Reader integration.

We provide integration options with all the above sensors and relevant reports.


Analytical Reports is key to Vehicle Tracking System. We provide various useful reports and we are open to add new reports as per customer requirements

  1. Time based Trip Report
  2. Fuel Vs Distance
  3. Fuel Fill Vs Drop Report
  4. Continuous fuel utilization Report
  5. Parking Report
  6. Idle Report
  7. Movement report
  8. Consolidated Report
  9. Live Status Report
  10. Daily KM statistics
  11. Driver Performance Report