ASSET Tracking | TYRES Tracking | RFID Tracking

Asset Tracking:

Any valuable assets can be monitored. Our long life portable GPS vehicle tracking were employed to track the sheet.

This is long battery life (10-90days) non-wired GPS tracker used to track assets like containers, cash bags etc etc. In this also we provide unlimited geo fencing (sites marking) , site entry/exit alert, trip reports etc.

Car Security – Get your Stolen car back or prevent your car from getting stolen:

Almost all tracker comes with engine immobilizer functionality which integrated with our Android and iOS Apps. One can immobile their vehicle just by one touch.

Our Asset Monitoring software provides end to end solution to track and monitor the assets. Best in class flexible UHF RFID Tags can be pasted to vehicle tyres or school bags !. Long rage RFID readers can read the UHF RFID tags at the distance of 10 meters away.

Tyres Tracking:

Moving or Immovable assets can be monitored using GPS vehicle tracking device + RFID Readers.

For instance, Truck tyres are very costly which can be easily stolen & replaced  with low quality old worn out tyres during the transit. It’s difficult and practically impossible for fleet managers to track every tyres or every assets in the vehicle. It could vehicle spare or customer goods. Every valuable items should be tracked for its location and monitored for it current conditions like temperature, wear & tear etc..

RFID Attendance:

Each bus in the fleet has installed RFID counting system to count the number of persons boarding and exiting the bus at each bus stop. In that way, we can analyze whether the Cab /Bus was utilized properly by the employees which will increase the efficiency of the organisation.