Our Personal / Employee GPS tracking is used for movement detection and utilizes many schemes for sending automatic alerts containing email and text message.

It has a lot of potential apart from theft alerts and tracking. Our GPS Tracker in your car/truck/motorcycle gives the confidence that you can find and monitor your vehicle from wherever you are , using your smartphone. If your vehicle ever gets robbed –Our system simply stops the engine and makes a call to the authorities to let them know your vehicle’s location and recover it for you.

You could practically use it to make sure that the employees or family are supposed to go  to borrow a personal or company vehicle, for example (though there may be security associations considers tracking employees).

Apart from security purposes, our built-in analytic report provides you accurate data on which location how much time your employee spent time. Did he really visited all client locations etc.

Kids/Personal/Employee Tracker:

We have different types of personal trackers meant for difference purposes. We provide unlimited geo fencing (site marking), site entry/exit alert, trip reports etc.