Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System with popular built in solutions. Different Transport Business solutions like School Bus Solutions, unlimited Geo Fencing, employee tracking etc.


Provide Asset Monitoring service using RFID Readers. Long battery life GPS devices to monitor your movable and immovable assets, vehicle spares like tyres etc.


Supports various sensors like Fuel, Temperature, Door,Weight etc. Different sensors, industry specific custom solutions can be built in shortest possible time.


School / College / Company bus Tracking discovery & stops marking.

Instant SMS alerts / mobile app notification to students/parents/employees

on arrival & departure of bus to their bus stops, route deviation etc alerts.


We are GPS specialists. We deal only with GPS, sensors (RFID, Fuel, Temperature, Load, Door) and related solutions. This focus made us no 1 fastest growing GPS tracking solution provider in India. It helped us to give best quality product at a better cost than any competitor in the market. As you know this market is infested with so many counterfeit products. Cheap software sourced having poor quality. Its very difficult to identify original and genuine supplier who supplies all brand GPS devices. And that too in whole sale price along with server software platform made in India.

Infistics Solutions brings world class GPS server platform (FleetOnGPS) to its customers. Along with popular high quality GPS devices and sensors available across the world at wholesale price.

Whats makes us best in this market ?

  1. High quality, world class GPS server Platform.
  2. Supports all popular GPS devices (trackers) available in the world.
  3. You can add RFID, Fuel, Temperature, Door, Weight sensors at your will when ever you want.
  4. Best built-in solutions and telematics reports. Any customization possible.
  5. Unlimited geo fencing.
  6. Industry specific solutions and customization as per customer request.
  7. Free IOS and Android app, custom Data Centers etc.
  8. In vehicle camera.

    With our GPS Tracking Software, you can track your vehicles, monitor fleets, workforce, cell phone alerts and show relative motion of vehicle continuously on a Google Map.


    Our main goal is to make the comfort and security gave by GPS trackers accessible to both companies and individual portions and to help in the optimization of planning costs.


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